We supply and install many types of lockers and locker benches.

Plastic Laminate Lockers

A popular choice for high quality lockers with endless color options at a fair price. Best used where moisture is not a problem due to their particle board core. Can include hasp for your customers padlocks or upgrade to built-in digital locks.

Solid Plastic

Great where moisture is present or for exterior use. These lockers are very durable and hold up great to high traffic areas.

Powder Coated Metal

The most commonly used locker as the most budget friendly option. Best used where moisture is not present to prevent rust. Many colors available and a select few for rush shipping.

Solid Phenolic

These are becoming more popular as the most durable option. Resistance to water makes these a great choice around moisture and come in many colors.

Solid Wood

For the executive look we have solid oak wood lockers with attractive raised panel doors. Available in Light, Medium or Dark Oak Finish.

Locker Benches

The most common is solid maple wood tops with powder coated pedestals fastened to the floor. Benches also come in solid plastic and plastic laminate.

*Lockers and Benches have many options and features. Please call or email and we would be happy to discuss your needs.